Don’t let the little things get you down

I knew better: never check a work email at 5:30 p.m. on a Friday after you’ve left the office.

Don’t check it especially if it’s from someone whom you know will cause your blood to boil. The email was from a coworker on a small project we had been working on for several months. I knew it would probably contain bad news but I couldn’t help myself and opened it anyway. True to form, in three sentences, I was belittled, insulted and turned down on a simple request.

Knowing there wasn’t much I could do, I tried to put the email out of my mind and I grabbed the dog to take a walk. Walking usually clears my head and makes me feel better, so I was eager to step out into fall air. But after several blocks, I realized I was caught in viscous thought-pattern. I was not only re-reading the email in my mind, I was thinking of all of the ways I could respond to it in writing, or in person, or in some other imaginary way. None of them were good.

Sometimes it’s helpful to allow your emotions full reign to allow them to leave your system. If I had left my thoughts after a few blocks, I would have been fine. But I realized after a mile of walking that I hadn’t even paid attention to where I was or where I was going. My ego and my thoughts were too embroiled in the email to let it go. That’s when I decided
 I had had enough.

I realized this woman was not worth my time and energy any longer. This issue was trivial and not worth getting upset over. Both of these were little things and they didn’t deserve any of the valuable real estate of my conscious thoughts. I had ruminated about the situation enough; now was the time to stop.

It wasn’t easy at first. I had to mentally force myself to think about other things. I took note of the color of the fall sky. I looked at the changing leaves of the trees. I knelt down and gave my dog a big hug and petted him for a few minutes. Every time my thoughts would drift back to the woman and the situation, I reminded myself that they were not going to ruin a perfectly good Friday evening. Little people and little issues don’t deserve to take up residence in my mind.

That’s the thing about learning and applying conscious creation–once you know better, you have plenty of opportunities to put new thoughts and actions into practice. It takes time to do this. When you accept the fact that you are in control of your life, you must be purposeful in your approach. You must be conscious enough and selective enough to determine where you put your mental focus.

By the end of my walk, I had forgotten about the email. I trained my thoughts away from it and onto more important matters, like thinking about the fun weekend ahead. When I did remember the email later in the weekend, it had lost its grip on my ego and my conscious thoughts and I was able to think about it without a lot of attached baggage.

Don’t let the little things get you down and don’t let the petty people around you dissuade you from your dreams. You’re bigger and smarter than that.

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