There’s no one quite like you

Quantum physicists tell us that we are all connected to one another. That’s a big concept to get your head around. How on Earth can everyone and everything in the universe be connected?

From a scientific standpoint, I can’t explain it. From a spiritual perspective, it’s a little easier to feel the concept. We are all a part of All That Is. The “stuff” that makes our bodies and that makes the tiniest grain of sand on the beach has at its source the energy of All That Is. Call it what you like: God, source energy, Chi, Prana. That energy seeds the universe and everything in it, including you and me.

Although we are all a part of this great energy family, we are also individuals.  No one else has your body, your thoughts, your likes, your abilities or your beliefs. Each of us is a magnificent bundle of individual traits that bring to the world a unique perspective.

I try to remember these two points as I navigate my daily life. By remembering that we’re all connected, I remind myself to be kinder to others. I remind myself to limit my judgment of others. Harming another is, in effect, harming myself; so, remembering my connection to others helps keep me mindful of my thoughts, words and actions.

Likewise, I try to remember my own beautiful individuality. No one else can do the things that I can do. No one else looks at the world just the way I do. When I remember that, I start to get a glimpse of the way I affect the world simply by being me.



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