The Little River Band, Tom Petty and the Expectations

You’d think for someone who wrote an entire blog post about “signs from the universe,” that I’d be happily navigating my days in constant communication with the big U. You might think I’ve become quite adept at asking questions and receiving answers from the great unknown, but sometimes when you’re looking for signs, you simply don’t see them.

That’s the way the past few weeks have been for me as I’ve searched for answers. I’ve asked the universe for direction on a great number of things, from “what shall I do with my life?” to “what shall I have for dinner?” Perhaps the most frustrating set of questions arose from a book I’m reviewing for Hay House. In E-Squared, author Pam Grout has her readers perform “scientific experiments” to test (and ultimately believe) the theory that we do create our own universe with our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and expectations.

The book seemed a natural for me, having studied the material for several years. But when I set out to start the first experiment, I failed miserably. Grout asks her readers to set an intention and a timeline for a response. In this case, it was asking the universe for some kind of blessing that proves—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that the universe exists and is predisposed in my direction. The time limit: 48 hours. After 96 hours, I was still waiting for that blessing.

I’ll share more of my experience with the book in a future review, but the entire set of experiments set off a new chapter in my own learning. I was disappointed and frustrated in my attempts at affecting the universe on a small scale, which made my big-ticket goals feel even further out of reach.  For example, I couldn’t seem to manifest orange cars. That is, I set an intention to see orange cars for a 24-hour period. I waited and waited and after three days, I saw none.

How in the world could I manifest a new career if I couldn’t find any orange cars in a city with more than three million of them?

While the experience frustrated me, it didn’t change my views on conscious creation. I still DO believe that we form our own lives through our thoughts. I still DO believe that our emotions and expectations can bring us some pretty amazing things. Unfortunately, I also felt like these abilities were out of my reach and I would have to settle for my uncanny ability to manifest negative events and circumstances. I’m damn good at that.

I did not, however, allow myself to be swayed long by my frustration. Part of the rules of the road when you’re on the spiritual path is to see how quickly you can get back on the path when you’ve wandered off. I put my frustration aside and kept going with my other projects (the science experiments would have to wait).

This morning, the desire to receive answers about my life was again with me, as it is most mornings. But today instead of dwelling on the questions, I simply acknowledged them and sent them on their way. I went to work and put my concentration on some projects that needed my attention. At lunchtime I decided to walk down the street for some fast food and casually thought to myself, “when’s it going to happen?”

The question itself encompassed many other questions, but it was a silent and powerful plea to the universe that I was ready for information. Unlike other attempts at communicating with the universe, however, I didn’t stand and wait for any kind of answer. I simply placed my attention back into the present moment and enjoyed the sunshine and walk to the restaurant.

As I swung open the restaurant door, a song from my youth greeted me. The song was in mid-chorus but I recognized it immediately.

Hang on

Help is on its way

I’ll be there as fast as I can

Hang on

The tiny voice did say

From somewhere deep inside the inner man

I’d be pretty dense not to recognize the message. For at that point in time, the Little River Band decided to give me some much-needed TLC. They quickly reminded me that the universe is answering my questions and I need to be in the right frame-of-mind to hear it.

The musical interlude also reminded me of a similar experience just a week prior. I was on the same street, at lunchtime, and I distinctly remember asking the universe, “When are things going to change in my favor?”

As I prepared to cross the street, a car sped up and blazed past me fast enough to make me step back to the curb. As the car passed, I could hear another familiar song blaring from the open windows:

The waiting is the hardest part

Every day you get one more yard

You take it on faith; you take it to the heart

The waiting is the hardest part

In this instance, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers decided to play the role of the universe in the play that is my life. They spoke directly to me, answering the question that I had just posed. I interpreted the event as meaning my time was coming and that I needed to be patient.

So two musical notes from the universe were swirling in my head as I waited for my food. Both events helped me feel at ease with life and allowed me to see clearly that I had forgotten one of the most important parts of conscious creation: being nonchalant with expectation.

When approaching a change in beliefs or purposely outlining a goal, it is important to remember the role of expectation. Expectation works with your thoughts and emotions to affect the universe and set into motion all of the millions of little details that will end up working in your favor. Expectation means you believe it will happen. But when you’re wandering into uncharted territory, how do you know for sure that it will work out?

You don’t.  That’s where faith an a nonchalant attitude come in.

Expectation is a hard skill to learn and even folks who are pretty good at it still must flex their expectation muscles on a regular basis. But the key is to remember to use expectation nonchalantly. It’s almost as if you’re saying to the world, “It’s no big deal, it will happen.” Or, “Hey, I know it’s going to happen, so much so that I won’t even bother giving it a second thought.”

When you want to reach across the table to grab a cup of coffee, you expect your body to perform accordingly. You expect your arm to move, your hand to grasp the cup and your mind to coordinate the entire process so that soon the cup is at your mouth and you’re taking a sip. That kind of expectation is what you’re aiming for when it comes to conscious creation. You don’t think about it; you expect it and let the universe (or your body in this case), work out the details.

It’s a small point but one I needed desperately to hear and remember.

The universe is answering my questions and the universe is pointing me in the right direction. For now, I’m adopting an attitude of nonchalentness when it comes to my expectations, especially with the expectation that I’ll receive answers from the universe. Just to be sure, I’m going to turn on the radio right now.

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  1. Dan
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 23:01:50

    I really appreciated the honesty and vulnerability in this post, Chris. I also couldn’t help pondering a bit as I read this, about the fine line distinctions between a request and a test–and how each is received and responded to. Still chewing on that . . .


    • Honor Your Spirit
      Mar 11, 2013 @ 23:45:43

      When you come up with an answer, let me know 🙂 I like the book I reviewed but have really had a hard time doing the experiments in it. Even when I felt like I wasn’t trying, I’m sure I was, which probably made things worse. Now if I can just get the hang of the whole “nonchalant” thing, maybe I can make some headway in some other areas of life 🙂


  2. Kerri Richardson
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 14:10:41

    Love this post, Chris! I think it’s always refreshing to be reminded that even those who study these principles sometimes get hung up on them in their lives. How perfect that the universe used some good tunes to catch your ear. It knows how to get your attention now!

    On another note, Dan’s comment has me pondering as well, so thanks, Dan!


    • Honor Your Spirit
      Mar 12, 2013 @ 16:12:32

      Thanks for the encouragement Kerri! Dan does bring up an interesting and thought-provoking questions about testing versus asking. I’m going to think about that (as well as pose it to Pam Grout!) Let us know if you come up with anything on the subject 🙂


      • Dan
        Mar 12, 2013 @ 16:32:26

        This still has me thinking as well. Just to elaborate a bit . . . in my view there’s a strong temptation in these instances to approach this more as a ‘test’. That is, if in our asking there is a spirit of “Show me” or “Prove I can do this” then it seems to me that doubt is implied, which at best sends a mixed message out into the Universe. Is this a request that I’m genuinely open to and curious about or is it actually a need for evidence that I can really believe what I want to believe? “So, Universe, are you going to back me up here or prove the lie to my contention?”

      • Honor Your Spirit
        Mar 12, 2013 @ 16:35:10

        Absolutely. I do think it sends a mixed message, too. I don’t have Pam’s book in front of me to pull specifics on this but I think it’s something that she didn’t touch upon as much as she could have. Some people have had great luck with the “experiments” where I have not. I know the *intensity* of the request will also come back to me in like form and some of these experiments simply didn’t have enough oomph to them.

  3. psgrout
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 17:00:57

    Hi Chris. It’s Pam Grout, ever-grateful for the chance to put some words out into the universe. Thanks for your question. To my way of thinking, every thought we have creates a result. We don’t always see those results right away and, in fact, sometimes I’m grateful I don’t.

    What I ask for and want more and more all the time are the eyes and mind open enough to see the miracles that are happening ALL THE TIME, AT EVERY MOMENT! My petty understanding is so incomplete and what I want more than anything is to stay hooked up with the Field of Infinite Potentiality (the F.P.). Anything that makes me more aware of that state of being is worth seeking. Fortunately for me, it knows way more that I ever could–even knows exactly what I need. My only goal is to be awake enough to see its answers and gifts.

    The experiments are one more tool for shifting our awareness closer to that connection.

    Giant blessings,

    Pam Grout


  4. Honor Your Spirit
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 18:09:41

    Thanks for chiming in, Pam! I agree wholeheartedly that every thought creates a result, the absolute basis of conscious creation. I do also see Dan’s point that a “test question/experiment” does imply doubt, which is why we do the experiments to begin with. Hopefully with some positive results we begin to experience and trust the process and see how we do impact the FP.

    I know I did similar kinds of experiments when I was first exposed to the material.

    Yet I struggle (like others) with getting clear answers to some of my questions. A lot of which, I’m sure, is simply not being aware of the answer in front of me (as in the blog post) and sometimes I’m sure it’s just the universe taking time to answer me at a pace that’s best for me.

    Thank you for your words and responding! I appreciate it!


  5. psgrout
    Mar 16, 2013 @ 16:23:21

    You’re very welcome. Your question prompted me to write a couple blog posts about when intentions don’t come true. Although I have to say I certainly LOVE the way yours were answered–music lyrics are such a tried and true sign.

    For anyone who’s interested:

    Thanks, Chris!!!!!

    Monstrous blessings,

    Pam Grout


  6. Beth
    Mar 17, 2013 @ 16:23:18

    Hello, everyone! I would like to add something here that I just read in Early Sessions, Volume 1, page 284:

    “Free will…certainly does operate, but you must remember that while it does operate, personalities on your plane are extremely limited as to choice. They can only choose between alternatives with which they are familiar. They can only choose to operate within their own camouflage pattern framework.

    “…Within certain limits there is free will. Yet these limits themselves were set, or if you prefer, chosen, by the entity itself for any given present personality; and at the entity level free choice or free will is much more extensive, and really has much more meaning.

    “So choices between various alternatives are narrow on your level because of other limitations set by the entity itself.”

    I think that many of us need to “move past” this idea of testing our beliefs, and that’s why the tests aren’t always successful to people who have been on a spiritual path for quite a while (and possibly even in other lifetimes). In other words, our entity has said, “I’ve had enough with proving this stuff every lifetime. It’s time to make it happen.”

    Another thing that I’ve found out personally, is that I am always in a hurry for things to happen. And I tend to be quite impatient. Over time, I have found that it is best to expect an answer and to wait patiently. In reality, as I look back with 20/20 hindsight, I see that I really never had to wait too long. Also, the more upset I get with wanting and “needing” an answer NOW, the less likely it is to come. The other night I set an intention during Psy-Time to get in touch with my inner self about a very pressing personal problem that had caused me extreme frustration and even depression. Well, I was so tired from my exhausting emotions that I fell asleep. But when I woke up at midnight, I had an answer that I KNEW was from my inner self. I believe that I had been so tense and in such a negative place that it was only in my sleep, when my ego had loosened its control, that my inner self was ABLE to answer me.

    I find so many answers within the Seth books, but I also believe that Chris has found another avenue that is constantly used for people who LISTEN for signs (as opposed to just looking). That is music lyrics. Other people have reported seeing answers on billboards and other written advertisements. Sometimes, you will hear “your” answer through the words of a total stranger talking to someone else, such as on a street corner or other public place. I have a friend who even received answers to her problems from the TV! In general, I don’t think we are as tuned in to receiving answers as we might think that we are! Open up your eyes, your ears and your HEART. Be available in the moment to find what you are needing.



    • Honor Your Spirit
      Mar 19, 2013 @ 01:24:24

      Thank you for the thoughtful response, Beth. For me, I agree wholeheartedly in your statement, “I tend to be quite impatient.” That’s a recurring theme with my own spiritual development and is something I’m reminded of frequently. Impatience is an unfortunate side effect of not trusting the process (or the universe, or yourself, or… you get the idea). This certainly goes back to one of the central Seth concepts of trusting in your own magnificence and in your safety in the world. With complete and total trust, you don’t need to rush. You know that your thoughts will create the desired effect. When we second guess it, we mess with the process and get seemingly tainted results.

      Interesting stuff on the Early Sessions, too. I’ve been re-reading book Six of the Early Sessions. It’s amazing how much new information you get out of any of Seth/Jane’s books every time you pick them up.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate it!!


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