Allow yourself to bloom



Risk can be scary; it can also be rewarding. When you try something new–like thinking a new thought or expressing your true self–you run the risk of failing. You also run the risk of finding out how truly amazing you really are. You run the risk of allowing others to see your beautiful soul.  Go ahead, try something risky today and allow yourself to bloom in the process. 

Get better, not bitter.


When you’re trying to shift to a more positive belief, don’t allow yourself to get discouraged when you automatically react with the same old defeating thoughts. Acknowledge them; feel them. Then, remind yourself that simply catching yourself in the middle of your same old-same old reaction is a step in the right direction. Then, hit the reset button and try again. You’re aiming for positive growth…no matter how small.

When you get discouraged and stay stuck in those thoughts, you take a step backward. You forget about the process and you end up bitter. Don’t get bitter…get better. One small thought at a time.