Release the attachment to your dreams

It’s okay to dream. In fact, dreaming helps put us in the proper emotional state to help our desires come to life.

But for many of us, we hold tight attachments to those dreams. We want to dictate how, when and where our dreams come to fruition. We want to be the one in control of the manifestation and that’s where we get into trouble. We live in a cooperative universe, one that is constantly looking out for our best interests. In our limited ego-bound bodies, we can’t always know when the best circumstances will line up to help us achieve our dreams. But, our inner self knows and works with the creative universe to deliver our dreams at exactly the right time and under the right circumstances.

Treat your dreams like a dandelion. Think about them, nurture them, water them with positive thoughts and intentions. Allow your dreams the space to grow and flourish. Then, allow yourself to release the attachment to them. Like a dandelion’s seeds, when you release the attachment, the universe can allow them to fall and flourish at the best time, in the best place and at the best time.

In the meantime, it’s still okay to think about your dreams and add to them. Simply release the desire to control the how and the when and let the universe work its magic.