Create your safety; luxuriate in your grace

This is more than an affirmation: it’s a commitment to creating safety, protection and grace within yourself that shapes the world in new and miraculous ways.

Every fall, we are faced with questions about our own safety. The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 are an annual reminder of the dangers that lurk in our world. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our world starts within, created fresh each moment from our own personal thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations. It’s very easy to forget that and get caught up in the dangerous world. It’s easy to watch the news, read a newspaper or talk to a co-worker about the dangers in our world. Terrorists, global warming, crime, and violence seem to be everywhere; they are everywhere when you go looking for them. As you seek them out, you’ll find them and when you do, you feel terrified of all of the things you must guard against.

It’s time to take a step back and look at our lives from a different perspective. It’s time to remember that each of us are responsible for our own thoughts of safety, peace and protection. It’s time to remember that our lives are blessed simply because we choose to be on this magnificent Earth at this particular time.

This may seem like a stretch: how can you ignore the physical evidence of the world that tells us we aren’t safe, we aren’t protected and we lack grace? You ignore it by reminding yourself every day that you are these wonderful things. You remind yourself of your own safety. You remind yourself of your own protection. You remember that all creatures on Earth are blessed with grace and that only by ignoring it do we deny grace its splendor. You ignore the reality of the world by affirming to yourself: “I live in a state of grace where I am always safe and always protected.”

Beyond the affirmation, you must attune your attention to those things that remind you of your grace, safety and protection. You look for them and seek them out. When you find them, you take the time to acknowledge them and thank yourself for noticing. Signs of our own grace are everywhere, from a beautiful sunrise to a laughing child to a delicious dessert. Likewise, signs of our own safety are everywhere. It’s in the coincidences that keep us out of harm’s way and the continued well being that surrounds us each moment.

I urge you to Honor Your Spirit by taking a moment today to remind yourself of your safety, remind yourself of your protection and remind yourself of the soft cast of grace that surrounds you. When you do, you are actually creating a more peaceful world and what could be better than that?