Thank you around the world

One of the things I love most about WordPress is that it shows me where my readers are from. In all, 80 countries are represented. It’s very cool to know I have people reading my blog from: US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Pakistan, France, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Sweden, Japan, Romania, UAE, Austria, SaudiArabia, Ireland, Russian Federation, Egypt, Malaysia, Israel, Thailand, Denmark, Ukraine, Belgium, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovakia, Peru, Chile, Croatia, Jamaica, Kuwait, Morocco, Finland, Kenya, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Lebanon, Georgia, Lithuania, Serbia, Bangladesh, Republic of Korea, Uganda, Poland, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Cameroon, Taiwan, Senegal, Argentina, Algeria, Estonia, Columbia, Viet Nam, Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Moldova.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the blog and our Facebook community. I truly appreciate it!