Want to work together? Start with yourself

Some random post-election thoughts…

I’m reading lots of comments today from people calling for unity after the election, urging friends and associates to work together for the common good. The plea is really for people to end the consternation that’s been plaguing the internet, airwaves, homes and businesses these past few months.

The path to peace and acceptance, however, doesn’t lie in the outside the world or in other people. It starts inside. It starts with your own thoughts, beliefs, expectations and ideals. It starts by being less critical of yourself and refusing to judge yourself harshly.

Should people abandon their beliefs? Absolutely not. That’s the beauty of beliefs: they’re yours and yours alone. Forcing those beliefs on others is where the trouble starts. It’s where tension appears and starts to grow.

When you take the time to fine-tune your own thoughts, beliefs and actions, you start to attract the kind of experiences you want from others. So if you want cooperation, be cooperative. If you want peace, think in terms of peace. If you want change, act in ways that make change.

Your life starts fresh in every moment. If you’re ready for a change, decide that in this very moment, you’ll be willing to do the work necessary on your own life. The rest will come around.