Consciousness is like a light

Consciousness is like a light

Use your consciousness to light up your dreams. Use it to illuminate the beauty that surrounds you. Turn your consciousness toward the things that you want and watch them appear. Shine on…


Life isn’t always clear

Life isn't always clear

Sometimes life doesn’t look like we thought or hoped it would. Sometimes a cloudy haze billows into our thoughts, obscuring our once translucent dreams. But that haze serves a purpose. It allows us to see our dreams in a different light. It allows us to change our orientation, to look at our dreams from another vantage point. The haze can help us see the beauty and rightness of our current state and bring fresh perspective to what we really want. And when the haze starts to lift, we see a whole new world, ripe with possibility. Embrace those times when the world isn’t always clear because in the end, it will end up being spectacular.


We call them heroes

We call them heroes

They’ve helped people evacuate devastating firestorms across the state. They’ve helped save animals and property from destruction. They carry packs weighing more than 40 pounds and they’ve done it in temperatures over 100 degrees.

There’s a reason why we’ve had no loss of life in the Colorado wildfires this summer: the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us.

When we run from problems, they run to them. They’re first responders and we owe them a lot.

Please take a moment to thank our firefighters–wherever you live.


The center of your life

The center of your life

All emotions are born out of love. When we feel other emotions such as hate, disappointment, envy or fear, we’re focusing on the distance between where we are and where we want to be–bathed in pure love. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing these other emotions. It’s when we constantly focus on the gap between our “now” and “love” that we get in trouble. Other emotions allow us to return to love if we give them their due. Experience other emotions, let them be for a bit, then set them free. Soon you’ll find yourself returning to a state of love for both yourself and others.


Keep your head in the clouds

Keep your head in the clouds

Allow your creativity free reign. When you think imaginatively about what you want, you help activate the creative universe into bringing your dreams to life. Put no limits on your daydreams. Experience the emotions of what it would feel like to have whatever you want. Feel the excitement in your body. Put a smile on your face. Bask in the glow of having whatever it is that you want. Then, when you’re done, forget about it. Know that a few moments of pure, unrestricted imagination is setting into play some very concrete and exciting things. Don’t check for results…enjoy the knowing that it’s coming to you and you can wait patiently for the results.


What are you accepting today?

What are you accepting today?

When we lose sight of our own development, when we can’t see or feel our own safety in the world, we say yes to a lot of things we shouldn’t. We don’t want to let others down or miss an opportunity for advancement and so we agree to things that drain our energy and our soul. But sometimes, saying ‘no’ is the best thing to honor yourself and your spirit. You have the choice. Know the reason why you *accept* or *deny* something and make your choice firmly. Understanding why you choose helps lead you in the direction of your dreams. Become fluent in both “yes” and “no” and bring some balance back into your life.


Are you ready to shine?

Are you ready to shine?


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