Welcome to Honor Your Spirit

By profession, I’m a marketing and public relations guy. So, when I decided I wanted to start sharing my knowledge of conscious creation and spirituality with others, the first thing I believed I needed was a name and a “brand.” In today’s internet-driven global marketplace, a brand is an important thing to have. But a brand is more than a name. Successful branding takes into account everything you do, from the product/service you offer to the way you interact with others to the graphics you choose. So what the hell was I going to call myself? I didn’t think people would really flock to “Chris’s blog on spirituality and conscious creation” so I started digging around for names.

After kicking around some ideas and some market research (thank you SS!), I finally decided on “Honor Your Spirit.” It seemed to encompass many of the elements I feel are necessary to understanding conscious creation, spirituality and self-development. I signed myself up for this blog and created a Twitter account and was on my way. Or was I? Like many great ideas, I was having second thoughts within hours and thought I had acted too quickly.

Here’s where our daily lesson comes into play: I recognized I was being fearful of making the wrong decision that then triggered an avalanche of negative spiraling thoughts. However, I was able to catch it quickly and remind myself to trust in myself and trust the universe. We’ll talk a lot about trust in the posts ahead. Learning trust can be a hard thing to do, but making the decision was, indeed, the place to start.

I put the thoughts about the name on the back burner and went about my afternoon. It wasn’t until after dinner that I sat down at my computer to see that trust manifest itself. I wanted to listen to an online radio interview by one of my favorite authors, Cheryl Richardson (www.cherylrichardson.com). Cheryl was interviewing a woman who I think will change the lives of many this year. Her name is Anita Moorjani and in 2006, she had what many would call a “near death experience” as she lay in a hospital dying of cancer. There’s no way for me to do justice to Anita or her story in my own words, so I’d like to direct you to her book Dying To Be Me from Hay House or her own website www.anitamoorjani.com. As Cheryl wrapped up the interview, she asked Anita what the number one thing she would like people to know. Anita paused and said, “find the joy in life and do what makes you happy.” Good words, I thought.  And listening to those words, I realized that making yourself happy and finding the joy in life is one of the easiest and most profound ways to Honor Your Spirit.  From that moment on, the name stuck.

If you’re interested in conscious creation, self-development or “new age” material, I hope you’ll stop by from time to time to learn how to Honor Your Spirit.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. allison
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 17:17:02

    I really like how you put the “instructions” (trust yourself) into action here. Your story proves the validity of the teaching. I look forward to further lessons here!


  2. Pedro
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 20:55:55

    Very nice, Chris! I really like the name of your blog, but I also like how you decided to “trust” the universe and get the guidance from within. I can’t wait to read more of your lessons!


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