Make every day gratitude day

Today, go a little deeper.

It’s easy to recount the big things in life that we’re thankful for: our family, friends, health, homes and employment. There is so much more to be thankful for, however, if you simply look a little deeper.

You connect with your own feeling of gratitude every day. Gratitude comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and experiences. It shows itself when you stop to admire that flower by the side of the road. It engulfs you when you pause to look at the dramatic sunset filling the sky. It peeks at you when you lock eyes with the little baby staring at you in the stroller in the grocery store.

We often don’t take note of our own connection to gratitude. Instead, we simply brush it off as a passing moment of pleasure or amusement. Standing in a hot shower in the morning, the taste of that caramel latte and the long “welcome home” embrace with your lover. They’re all reflecting gratitude to you.

Sometimes we don’t see gratitude at all, like the phone call from a friend who needs your advice right when you sit down to dinner, or the wet nose at your feet when the dog wants to be fed, or the neighbor who wants to talk as you’re leaving for work. We can be thankful for being needed as much as we can thank the people whom we need.

Being thankful doesn’t have to stop at the dinner table. It’s a muscle that should be developed and exercised every day. When you stop to notice anything that makes you feel good, makes you smile or makes your heart sing, you’re engaged in gratitude. When you notice it, pause for a moment, then thank yourself and the universe for bringing you such joy.

Make every day gratitude day.


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